About Me:

Of course I don’t always wear a suit, I also dress casually.

I’m a cynical whiny Englishman who tends to ramble about non-sequential matters whenever I find the opportunity.

You’re likely to see my shouting mostly aimed at video-games but occasionally my rants will be concerning everything from rubbish TV to personal stupidity. I do several little features such as Loaded, and Film Studies, where I often yell about the art, ideas and future of pop-culture while trying to pretend everything is as important as history, politics and literature. However when nothing interesting is going on in the World I’ll most likely be writing about somewhat relevant things that have a very loose correlation to real life, this is a section I call #RealTalk.

 I mainly remain anonymous to a certain extent, not because I’ve got something to hide, but because I’ve not created anything I’m proud of yet. Once I’m ready my wondrous secret will be revealed to the World and all will be well. Yet for now I will remain under the pseudonym PragmaticBrick, so don’t be disheartened.


Q: Why?

A: ‘Why’ what? Sorry, you’re gonna have to be more specific. 

Q: Why do you do this?

A: Well ‘why’ is a hard question, ‘why’ do we do anything? In truth I don’t really know, perhaps it’s one part boredom and another part self-aggrandizing narcissism. 

Q: What’s with the name?

A: What the name of the blog or the reason I’m hiding my true Identity? Once again, I’m going to have to ask you to be more specific. 

Q: Both.

A: Well the blog’s name is rather silly and sort of exists because I thought It would make a funny joke…

Q: It’s a joke?

A: I never said it was a good one! Look I find both pragmatism and anthropomorphism extremely interesting subjects and that includes the personification of human characteristics onto bricks… So It got me thinking, if a brick had the mind of a human, albeit a transitive one, what would it think of itself? Well the answers obvious isn’t it? A brick has a predefined destiny, it’s a Marxist symbol, a small figure capable of holding together its peers to form something greater than itself. So that’s the joke, it’s literally a Pragmatic Brick. If you want to get meta you could even argue that the practice of pragmatism makes the idea of anthropomorphising with a brick ironic and I wouldn’t deny you that sliver of sneering sardonicism.  

Q: Jesus…

A: I know… 

Q: So what about your identity?

A: Well I suppose the truth is bound to come out… I’m hiding from the police, I’m wanted for the robbery of a nineteenth century set of dental tools that I stole from a museum during my years of service as a train conductor in Prague. I had a hideous snuff habit that I couldn’t quite finance with my meager income so I regrettably turned to a life of crime. Currently I am hiding under an assumed identity in a small hovel located somewhere North of middle England. I survive off a diet of condensed milk, stout and the accumulated moss growing on my pillow. It’s a simple and hard life, I haven’t seen the sun in years, but alas it is my punishment for such a heinous defacing of Prague’s fine museum of Dental and Oral health history. 


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